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Assuming you are staining correctly, this issue most likely isn’t the
coverslipper itself. If the coverslipper is clean it should preform
correctly. The issue most likely stems from the roll of tape (Part# 4770).
It is a very hot time of the year, so make sure you are following all the
rules of Sakura's tape. Take note of the 24 hour rule on the back of 4770
box ,"Allow the film to completely acclimate to the environment in which it
will be used. The film package should be opened and stored in a dust-free
environment and a temperature range (50 - 86 F) and humidity levels between
30% - 70% for at least 24 hours prior to use." 

Also, if the tape is exposed to temps over 104 F, it could ruin the product.

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Hello everyone,


We have the Leica Prisma film coverslipper and suddenly, there are bubbles
underneath the film. I changed out the Xylene and inserted a new film roll
but the problem persists.  Is there anything that you recommend to solve the


Thank you in advance,

Paula Lucas

Lab Manager

Bio-Path Medical Group

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