[Histonet] Tiny folds in colon bx

Jay Lundgren jaylundgren at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 12:54:04 CST 2022

If you're not, use actual ice to cool and hydrate, works better than cold
plate, etc.

Cool and soak the heck out of your bxs, like, rough cut them and go to
breakfast.  Seriously, like 30 minutes on ice, and they'll cut like butter.

Try raising the temperature of your water bath 2-3 degrees.

Also, try to cut nice long ribbons.  Sections from the middle of a nice,
long ribbons of 12-15 sections will have the weight of the rest of the
ribbon to provide tension as the ribbon is laid on the water bath.  Avoids
microscopic wrinkles.  If you are just throwing 4-5 sections on the
waterbath, they can never be as perfect as sections from the middle of a
longer ribbon.

I was told in training at AFIP that sections shouldn't even be taken from a
ribbon that was less than 5 sections long.  Obviously there are exceptions.

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