[Histonet] Experience Documentation form vs. Work experience form (HTL Route 2)?

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Fri Oct 2 10:13:14 CDT 2020

Hi Jayasri,

It's a little different from when I did my HTL application due to COVID-19,
but I used this form:


I had to print it out, sign the information that I could on the page for
myself, send this to my immediate supervisor, have him send it back to me,
and then I could send it off to the BOC people. I also had to make sure the
letter of authenticity was in there on the original letterhead. After that,
everything was fine. I think the documentation has to be hand written, and
the letter could be typed as long as it states something like " I ______ on
this official letterhead, agree that _______ has the knowledge and work
experience on the work documentation form to take the HTL exam through
route 2." Something along those lines and have them sign it.

I hope this helps. It's a little different since it seems like you have to
send electronically now. If you have more issues, I would try chatting with
them online or calling.


On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 9:00 AM Jayasri Narasimhan via Histonet <
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> Hi everyone,
> I got an update (Deficient) regarding my HTL application that I submitted
> mid-August. However, I'm unable to find the form that they are requesting.
> I got the one I used by downloading the form under "Applicant Resources"
> under the HTL category.
> This is the response:
> We received yoir work experience form and letter of authenticity completed
> by _________ however it is not the most recent form. Email revised forms to
> DocumentationSC.Boc at Ascp.org
> We require an experience documentation form(s). The experience
> documentation form must be completed by your immediate supervisor or
> laboratory director and attached to a letter of authenticity signed by this
> individual verifying the authenticity of the form(s).  This letter must be
> printed on original letterhead and state that the experience documentation
> form(s) was completed by the employer, with the date and signature.
> Download and print the form from the ASCP website at www.ascp.org<
> http://www.ascp.org/>.
> Is there another form out there? Would anyone be able to email the latest
> one to me?
> Thank you,
> JN
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