[Histonet] Experience Documentation form vs. Work experience form (HTL Route 2)?

Jayasri Narasimhan narasimj at ohsu.edu
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Thank you, Sara! That's the form I sent along with a letterhead letter of authenticity. I called ASCP just now -  It is possible that I didn't include that second page and that is the problem. The second page just has guidelines so I think my supervisor didn't scan it. Hopefully, that will fix it!



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Hi Jayasri,

It's a little different from when I did my HTL application due to COVID-19, but I used this form:


I had to print it out, sign the information that I could on the page for myself, send this to my immediate supervisor, have him send it back to me, and then I could send it off to the BOC people. I also had to make sure the letter of authenticity was in there on the original letterhead. After that, everything was fine. I think the documentation has to be hand written, and the letter could be typed as long as it states something like " I ______ on this official letterhead, agree that _______ has the knowledge and work experience on the work documentation form to take the HTL exam through route 2." Something along those lines and have them sign it.

I hope this helps. It's a little different since it seems like you have to send electronically now. If you have more issues, I would try chatting with them online or calling.


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Hi everyone,

I got an update (Deficient) regarding my HTL application that I submitted mid-August. However, I'm unable to find the form that they are requesting. I got the one I used by downloading the form under "Applicant Resources" under the HTL category.

This is the response:

We received yoir work experience form and letter of authenticity completed by _________ however it is not the most recent form. Email revised forms to DocumentationSC.Boc at Ascp.org

We require an experience documentation form(s). The experience documentation form must be completed by your immediate supervisor or laboratory director and attached to a letter of authenticity signed by this individual verifying the authenticity of the form(s).  This letter must be printed on original letterhead and state that the experience documentation form(s) was completed by the employer, with the date and signature.  Download and print the form from the ASCP website at www.ascp.org<http://www.ascp.org><http://www.ascp.org/>.

Is there another form out there? Would anyone be able to email the latest one to me?

Thank you,


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