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The article referenced below may be of interest.

Standardization of Negative Controls in Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry: Recommendations From the International Ad Hoc Expert Panel



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> A question that came up regarding negative reagent controls for IHC...currently using Ventana i-View. Our regular negative control goes through the standard antigen retrieval steps, like 99% of our antibodies. However there are a small number of antibodies that require enzyme as well (Protease 1). I've seen a number of suggestions regarding this for the negative reagent control...some say use an additional negative control protocol that includes the protease, some say to use a single negative control protocol and just include the harshest cell conditioning that any of your protocols use (so basically use the cell conditioning + protease negative control for all antibodies)...i-View is not polymer-based so we need to continue using negative controls. Any thoughts or advice?
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