[Histonet] Buffered formalin substitution

Julio Benavides j.benavides at eae.csic.es
Fri Sep 30 06:35:59 CDT 2016

Hi there,

The health officer of our institute has risen (again!) the issue of  
substituting buffered formalin for some other less hazardous fixative .

I would like to know you opinion, and experience, in such matter. Is  
it even possible? Have you successfully done it? In that case, which  
samples you normally handle? We are a research institute, doing  
several ruminant PMs a week, so big chunks of tissue to fix. Then, we  
normally do IHCs with a variety of antibodies, depending on the  
project.  My worries are that, in case buffered formalin could be  
substituted, you can never be sure about IHC and maybe antibodies that  
were working before stop doing it.

Very many thanks for your thoughts and time in this issue. Greatly  



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