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Tyrone:A.A.Maximow's Azur-eosin, etc staining produces wonderful results but this, and many very old procedures, essentially rest on the use of mercury salts which produce special chemical compounds with tissue components.Any, and I mean any, deviation from the original procedure will not produce the same results as those expected from the original recipes.You can try and you will get a staining but without the crisp and delightful colorations obtained with the original recipe containing mercury. The same goes for the Harris hematroxylin that now is manufactured and sold without mercury oxide and is still  named Harris, when really it is not. The results are similar, but not exactly as those obtained with the original recipe.So, in my humble opinion, you can substitute whatever you want from an original recipe, but please do not be surprised if the results do not "live" to your expectations or the original description.René  

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I was reading a book from the 60s on the anatomy of aging in man and
animals and the author mentioned using a hematoxylin-eosin Y-Azure-II stain
to show the lymphocytes. Some searching came up with the Maximow Method.
The online protocol I found (for bone marrow):
https://emsdiasum.com/microscopy/technical/datasheet/26252.aspx mentions
the use of Zenker’s or Formalin.

In another old book, Putt's Manual of Histochemical Staining Methods, the
authors says 10% fomalin, Helly's or Zenker's fluid for fixation. I am
definitely not going to start using Zenker's (I get enough grief from the
H&S officer about picric acid). I normally use Davidson's fixative to fix
and decalsify my fish (formaldehyde, acetic acid + ethanol). Anyone know if
this staining method is compatible with Davidson's fixative?

Would this eosin-Y solution be suitable:
 for preparing the Eosin-Y Azure-II working solution?

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