[Histonet] Logging expiration dates and receiving of chemicals

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One of my techs has asked about a practice that we have been doing for some time.   Occasionally we find that we are doing something just because it has been done in the past and as we all know sometimes we get bogged down with things that are just not necessary.
When we order chemicals such as alcohols, clarifier, bluing, hematoxylin, etc.   each chemical with their lot number and expiration date is listed in a log book.  Of course we also date the container when we receive each chemical and we also make sure that all of the chemicals are used within expiration dates.

The question is whether it is really necessary to keep a log of information besides what is written on the container.      In addition we are a new lab and have started to do some special stains inhouse in the lab.  (PAS, PAS for fungus, AFB)   We started with purchasing kits and have now simply ordered the chemicals in bulk.   Do we need to test each lot of chemical that we use for the stains?  We run a control with every run and I don't feel it is necessary to test the chemicals additionally.   One of the companies we ordered the stain kit from sent us control test slides and my tech wondered if we should run one of the control test slides before we used the kit.  I know that in IHC staining there are rules for using, testing, comparing with previous lots,etc. for kits however since we are going to use bulk chemicals and we run a control each time I don't want to do extra unnecessary work.

It also seems to me that over the years the CAP questions governing routine special staining has been reduced more and more.    At this point we don't run any IHC stains and therefore I am not worried about detections kits, new lots of antibodies, etc.   Just need to know what most do with special stain chemicals.

I would appreciate your thoughts before we continue our practice or scale down some of the documentation.


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