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We dewax off line.  We use the same protocol that we do for any other staining; 3 min in  3 changes of xylene (we use a xylene substitute though), 3 min in 2 changes of 100% alcohol and one 3 min in 95%.  
We use BioCare's IntelliPath immuno stainer.  It is a completely open system.  All of the sales reps, support techs, and service tech have always been very open and willing to help in any way to provide information and support for this stainer.  If by dewaxing you are also referring to off line antigen retrieval, we use the pressure cooker that BioCare has.  You can use any retrieval solution you choose with it.  If you need to use two different retrieval solutions you can fill your containers with two different retrieval reagents.  I don't find that there is any difference in doing off line retrieval than on line retrieval.  
If I can answer any other questions please feel free to contact me.

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Just beginning to look at instruments DAKO Ventana Leica. We may not have the budget but if we do.... However talking to the sales reps have been challenging as everything is proprietary.

This is for research consideration so we will use an open instrument? Which instrument do you like better open?

Does  manual dewaxing affect the staining? Every rep says yes... but does it?

What is the time for dewaxing when you start the instrument? What are the number of steps in the protocol? What is the waste generation like more or less than manual?

Thanks for your help.

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