[Histonet] Pre-floating tissue sections in dilute alcohol

Gudrun Lang gu.lang at gmx.at
Sun Jun 7 05:38:43 CDT 2015

Some of our histotechs use just cold tapwater for wrinkled sections before
transferring them  into the warm waterbath. I don't know, if the added
ethanol makes any difference (maybe reducing surface tension).

I would offer the possibility of using the additional waterbath, but let the
histotechs decide, if it is necessary to use it.

Gudrun Lang
Leading histotech, Linz Austria

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Betreff: [Histonet] Pre-floating tissue sections in dilute alcohol

Hi everyone,

I just became aware of this technique last week, and it seems to work great.
I did a quick google search and found this quick reference.
Anyone out there float their sections in dilute ethyl alcohol before
transferring to the water bath?
Its an extra step and introduces an extra chance to introduce floaters.
But, the quality seems to be improved.
Any thoughts?  

Thanks in advance.
Garrey Faller
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