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From: "Dube, Emily" <Emily.Dube at nyumc.org>
> Subject: [Histonet] fungus growing on paraffin blocks
> I work for a biobanking research study and recently we discovered some of
> our paraffin blocks had mold/fungus growing on the tissue. We were advised
> to soak the blocks in bleach. Does anyone else have any suggestions on what
> to do to ensure the fungus is eliminated without ruining the tissue?
> Emily

I doubt bleach alone will be sufficient.It may kill the fungus growing on
the outside but probably not penetrate deep enough to kill hyphae deeper in
the tissue. Even if it were successful spores in the current environment
could still regrow. You need to sterilize the storage area.

An azide soak might prove more useful as the residual azide would inhibit
further growth. Azide is very toxic so this would need to be taken in
account when the tissue is processed... Another idea would be to use
mothballs. The 1,4-dichlorobenzene has antifungal properties. I don't know
how this will effect future processing of the tissue. Bagging blocks in
plastic bags with mothballs might make the storage space more user friendly.

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