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Hi Histonetters;

I have had a couple of inquiries about whether  the rules have changed regarding advertising on the list and the answer is no. As we run this list using the University of Texas software and equipment, we cannot allow advertising.  The line gets blurry sometimes but I had to notify the individual that sent the message below of the rules and he promised not to send messages like that again. We do still allow job postings, even from recruiters, as the membership seems to like receiving them.  It is fine, welcomed in fact,  for the vendors on the list to answer queries if they can offer assistance but they should not use the list to advertise their wares.
If you ever have a message you are unsure about, please contact me about whether it is appropriate before you post it.

LInda M
Histonet administrator

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I am offering Tissue processors, embedding center, cryostats, microtomes,
slide stainer, thermal cycler, chemistry analyzer....more. Recertified,
research, and educational pricing.
Also looking to purchase equipment.(ISO 9001 institution)

Kind Regards,

Travis Herndon
Sales Assoiciate

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