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First of all we are in Colorado.  If you dispose of more than 650 gallons a year in waste you are considered a small quantity generator, that amounts to one 55 gallon drum a month.  Once you become a SQG this requires being registered with the EPA, additional safety training,  every other year on site audits (In Colorado the Colorado Department of Public Health takes care of this) and then the other year a self-certification check list needs to be completed.  If you dispose of less than 650 gallons you are considered a conditionally exempt small quantity generator and are not required to be registered with the EPA.  Since you are disposing of 1 to 2 - 55 gallon drums a month that would mean that you would need to decrease your waste by at most 660 gallons a year or by 50%.   

When we recycled only alcohol in 2013 it looked like we still had around 1 - 55 gallon of waste per month.  In 2014 We started recycling alcohol, xylene and proper, so far this year we have only had 2 - 55 gallons of waste picked up, that accounts for a 50% decrease in total waste, so it might be possible for you to start recycling and decrease your waste stream by 50%.  We have also seen a cost saving in the purchasing of both alcohol and xylene the amount we purchase has decreased I don't have the specifics on the amount I just know we order less often that we used to.


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I have an inquiry specifically for Texas and/or Children's hospitals:

What is your current volume of waste flammables and how do you handle it? Are you recycling, or is it removed by an outside vendor? A combination of the two? Suggestions on recycling instrumentation? Any drawbacks?

We currently collect all waste flammable materials into a 55 Gallon drum and it is removed once or twice a month by a contracted vendor. The problem is, we are disposing of so much now that the vendor is requiring the medical center to obtain a high-use license involving the state and the EPA. We have evaluated recycling many years ago and found the process to be slow and sort of cumbersome. I know that the process has improved quite a bit over the years, but what about the tech time, tech exposure, time for recycling, etc.? Have you found it to be highly cost effective?

Thanks in advance for any info you can share.


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