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I'm going to wade in, not as someone who has posted numerous times on how to 
unsubscribe, but as someone assessing it from a "risk assessment" 

If there is a lab task that is consistently being done wrong, by many 
different people, it is usually NOT the fault of the people. It is either a 
training issue, or a process problem. So we either have to do a better job 
training and re-training, or we need to change how the process/procedure is 
being done.

With the Histonet email, since people are constantly joining, often for a 
day or two, we can't really improve the "training" aspect. Yes, there are 
instructions when we first join, to print off/save how to subscribe or 
unsubscribe or change personal information, etc. But (be honest) how many of 
us pay attention to these types of instructions when we sign up to be a 
"member" of a credit card or a on-line department store or an on-line book 
store or other email lists? Most people do not. So we know that this type of 
"training" is not effective. But we really can't do a one-on-one type of 
training session for each person who signs on to Histonet. Therefore, 
improving the training is not the answer.

The answer lies in modifying the process. Look at the bottom of those emails 
from credit cards or hotels or department stores that you have signed up 
with. There is usually a line that says "If you no longer wish to receive 
these emails, click on this link and follow the instructions".

Add to that, various email lists have various methods on how to unsubscribe, 
which can involve a link, or putting the word unsubscribe in the subject, or 
putting the word unsubscribe in the message.

Histonet has a link at the bottom, but no instructions. So it's not clear to 
click on the link to unsubscribe, nor is there any mention whether one of 
the other unsubscribing methods would work. I therefore believe the Histonet 
unsubscribing procedure has a process problem, that could be easily fixed.

As for the fact that how to unsubscribe has been explained 5,391+ times in 
the past does not help the person who signed up over the weekend, and as of 
today, decided that Histonet is not what they need. This new person has not 
seen the previous requests for help with unsubscribing, nor the answers on 
how to do it. Again, this is a process problem.

Is there any way Histonet can get some clearer instructions at the bottom of 
each email, on how to unsubscribe, either permanently or temporarily while 
on vacation? Such as saying "To unsubscribe, click on the link below, and 
follow the instructions at the bottom of the next webpage".

Let's not yell at the people trying to unsubscribe. Let's work on improving 
the unsubscribing process, so we don't get these requests.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS

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Trained professionals should know by now that if you want to unsubscribe, 
you must type in all caps - UNSUBSCRIBE

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It is a concern that members of our  technically-oriented career field  have 
a difficult time understanding the method for unsubscribing to Histonet. 
There is an  almost- daily posting to "unsubscribe", despite the fact that 
this subject has been addressed literally hundreds of times.  When one 
"joins" Histonet, instructions are provided, should be printed out for 
reference and used if the subscriber decides to leave the group.  We are 
required to be knowledgeable on all manner of technical routines requiring 
detailed instructions and  Histonet is no less clear in the methods for 
joining and "un-joining".  Use them, please.  Fire away - I'm retired and I 
can take the flak!  I do miss my microtome, though...
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