[Histonet] MDM2 on lipsarcoma IHC

Gudrun Lang gu.lang <@t> gmx.at
Mon May 27 10:37:04 CDT 2013

Hi all!

We try to improve our MDM2-staining and purchased a new antibody. This one
stains all nuclei in liposarcoma but also in normal surrounding tissue and
lipoma positiv.

On the Protein-Atlas-site MDM2 is described with "Ubiquitous nuclear
expression". On the other hand I read, that well differentiated liposarcoma
are MDM2 negativ, dedifferentiated liposarcoma are positiv.


Most likely the point is "overexpression" of MDM2 protein due to
gene-amplification. Maybe we have to "turn down" our protocol to detect only
overexpressed MDM2.


Has anyone practical experience with this marker? Can help me? 





Bye and thanks in advance

Gudrun Lang

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