[Histonet] Study Highlights Risk of Errors in Processing Biopsy Tissues in Anatomic Pathology Labs

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My apologies if I've posted something that is not useful/helpful.

I posted it because it was included in the Journal of Histotechnology, and was hoping to be a conduit for actionable information.


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Subject: Re: [Histonet] Study Highlights Risk of Errors in Processing Biopsy Tissues in Anatomic Pathology Labs

I have a question.  How does this corporate sponsored, softball, self published, meta-science, piece of marketing get to masquerade as a scientific paper?


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Subject:  [Histonet] Study Highlights Risk of Errors in Processing   Biopsy

Tissues in Anatomic Pathology Labs

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A  study  i  n  the  Journal  of  Histotechnology  highlights  the
   all-too-real  risk  of  errors  that can be made in the processing of
   biopsy tissue in anatomic pathology  labs.

Read the story here:
   [4]http://www.clpmag.com/all-news/24255-risk-of-errors-in-processing   -biopsy-tissues-in-anatomic-pathology-labs

Send  me your qu estions for the study authors. I can post them on
   histonet and/or anonymous ly, on our website-your choice.

Thank you,


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