[Histonet] tricks about antibody generated in human on human tissue for IHC

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About 20 years ago in my lab they were developing an "anti-human melanoma" antibody that we used to test on human melanoma (+) cases and we approached more or less in the way you suggest and were able to eliminate background.
You just have to start testing, keep good records of what you do and your results so you can twink your procedure.
René J.

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Subject: [Histonet] tricks about antibody generated in human on human tissue for IHC

Dear all,

I work in an histopathology department and we intend to do
immunohistochemistry with an antibody generated in human on human
tissues. So far, we don't have any experience with that. So I was
wondering if somebody would have some feedback to prevent strong
background generated by this human antibody on human tissue. We are
planning in a first place to decrease the concentration of the secondary
antibody Donkey <@t> human which is recommended at 1/200 by Jackson, using it
at 1/500 for example.

But if anybody would have some experience with this kind of experiments,
their tricks would be more than welcome.

Best Regards,

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