[Histonet] mouse testis in Bouins- more info

Margaret Horne Mhorne <@t> upei.ca
Fri Sep 14 08:58:41 CDT 2012

Thanks for the incoming info; it's a big help. Sorry I need a little bit
more detail so to explain a little more:
Some of the testis are showing gaps between the tubules, more towards
the centre of the testis and the researcher though it might be  the
protocol but we saw the gap in subsequent testis when we were cutting
them in half after being fixed in Bouins for 24 hours-48hrs. Is this
Half the testis was processed but the other half was left in Bouins in
case he wants to use it for something somewhere down the line.  Some
have been there a month- too long or ok?
70% EtOH better for long term ( months to years)  storage?
 Thanks everyone, 

>>> "Margaret Horne" <Mhorne <@t> upei.ca> 14/09/2012 10:06 AM >>>
Hello Everyone, I am asking this for a friend.

How long can mouse testis be kept in Bouins without distortion of cell
morphology? Days? weeks? months? years?

I noticed in the Archives that many people fix in Bouins , rinse, then
store in 70% EtOH. This is preferable I assume. Again, how long is ok?

   Thanks in advance for the sharing of your accumulated wisdom, 

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