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Our protocol on Ventana Benchmark Ultra: CC1 mild (ca. 30 min high pH
retrieval), 1:40 for 32 min at 37°C.

We use this special lot since 2006, now aliquotted and frozen. I am sure (or
hope), that we've got a positiv result, when introducing it. 
Unfortunately we have no positive controls available. So I'm not convinced
of the reliability today. :(
It will be challenging to establish the new antibody.

I found a SV40 antibody from Cellmarque, but I'm not sure, if this one is
the relevant one for renal transplants. Publications always talk about


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I forgot to ask if you were able to get the Novocastra antibody to work on
FFPE tissue?  Thank you.


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Can anyone recommend a good Polyoma antibody usefull for testing with renal


Novocastra's Polyoma JC/BK is not available now.


Thank you

Gudrun Lang

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