[Histonet] IHC new reagent lots

Deloris Carter delsuec <@t> gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 15:48:45 CDT 2012

I'm in a new position and have to get our IHC paperwork CAP ready.  I'm not
sure about something.  When you put a new antibody dispenser (with a
different lot # than previously used) on the IHC stainer, what QC needs to
be done?  Can the control run with a patient test serve as your QC, or does
it need to be a separate slide done before you run any patient tests with
that new lot #?  Also, I know that CAP is no longer requiring negative
controls to be run when using a biotin free detection system.  Can we just
stop running the negative controls, and reference the CAP change in our
protocol, or do we have to perform some sort of validation?
I appreciate any help.

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