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Hi Gudrun:
What you wrote is "news for me".
Dichroic filters with specific lambda transmission of good quality can be used for years.
The filters I used were Ernst Leitz, from the early 1950's and the transmission intensity remained strong.
We checked the life duration of the mercury lamp, but not of the filters.
If you are getting weaker signals perhaps is another cause.
René J.

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Filters for fluorescencemicroscopy tend to "burn out" after a certain
duration of usage. What duration?

We have filters for FITC, TRITC, Dapi and a triplefilter. The working-hours
are about 150 per year.

What do you think? Is it time to change them. 

I have often bad feedback about weak signals, and I would not be surprised
if the microscope is the culprit and not our protocol. 

Weak signals refer last times to ALK-FISH on lung biopsies. Well fixed but
tumourcells mixed within collagenfibers. 

- and unfortunately unexperienced doctors on reading of this special probe.

Hoping for responses

Gudrun Lang

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