[Histonet] Advice needed the different types of cytomorphologic stains

Gladys Lim gladys.science <@t> gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 10:18:08 CST 2012

Dear all,

I am relatively new to this area of staining approach and therefore, I need
some advise on the different types of cytomorphologic stains that are

(1) Is it necessary to air-dry your sample prior to staining with any
Romanowski stains (eg. Giemsa, Wright-Giemsa etc.)?
(2) Has anyone tried using the Romanowski stains on sample that were not
air-dried? What was the outcome of the staining?
(3) Were there any distinct difference in terms of staining among the
different types of white blood cells vs. malignant cancer cells?
(4) Wouldn't air-drying of sample prior to Romanowski stain change the
morphology of cells?
(5) Any recommendation for other types of stains if I want to differentiate
white blood cells from cancer cells, without any air-drying steps involved?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.




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