[Histonet] Shiny side of a paraffin section

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The shiny side (block side) goes on the water so when you do your block to slide comparison the slide WILL match the block.  We routinely perform a percentage of slide/block matches for quality control.  Some organizations perform 100% slide/block match as a final QC check.
Jackie O'

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All of the cells would be face down when you looked at them!
(It's already been a long week!)
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n 2/28/12 5:56 PM, "Lucie Guernsey" <lguernsey <@t> ucsd.edu> wrote:
> As all of us who cut paraffin know, the underside of each section as it
 comes off the blade is shiny. I've always accepted it as a fact that the
 shiny side always goes down on the water bath, but I've begun to wonder
 why. Is there a specific reason why we're all taught to put the shiny side
 down? What would the difference be between a 'properly' collected section
 and a rebelliously collected shiny-side up section? Does it even matter?
 Lucie Guernsey
 UC San Diego
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