[Histonet] Scope of Practice

Bharti Parihar bhartologist <@t> gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 20:06:54 CST 2012

Hi Esther,
         That's incredibly fascinating! I have been wondering if this type
of facet exists. That's right in my wheelhouse in terms of where I'd like
to take this skill. I plan on finishing my studies with a B.S. and maybe
pursue a Master's at California State University East Bay hopefully, as
long as everything with admissions goes well. I have studied a bit of
zoology in the past which is where I'd really like to take this if
possible. It does seem a bit surprising that this particular scope isn't
more apparent to those pursuing the field of histology, but like so many
things, it's so much about who you know and getting your foot in the door.
Until I entered this field a bit more than 4 years ago I had no clue of
it's existence, so that just goes to show how things like this unfold.
Thank you so much for your insight and offering yourself as a contact! And
to everyone else that has shed light on this for me!!!  :)
-Bharti Parihar

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