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I don’t know what your academic background is,aside from the IUPUI program,
but I would really encourage you to think “outside the box” and envision
exactly what type of histology career you’d like to have, and in what
particular area. There are unique [histology] opportunities out there and
you don’t need to limit yourself to a traditional clinical or veterinary
diagnostic laboratory  (unless you want to). The Bay Area is a place that
is potentially brimming with such opportunities. Take the time to do some
research on your own, seek out scientists at places like California Academy
of Sciences and some of the larger research universities; ask how histology
fits into their particular research. Many of the larger natural history
museums have dedicated histology facilities.  Look for private histology
laboratories that may provide services to such facilities/investigators.
Maybe you won’t find full-time work doing exactly what you want to do (and
may need to augment your income with some traditional clinical/veterinary
work), maybe you will; you won’t know what's possible unless you put the
work in. A friend once told me,” you’ll make histology work for you”. Those
words of wisdom ultimately proved to be true.

Good Luck,

Damien L.

Damien Laudier
Laudier Histology

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