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Hi Sarah,

I've been working on editing a QIHC Study Guide (sorry, it's not ready 
for the public yet!) and so I've been paying quite a bit of attention to 
what is on the QIHC exam now-a-days.

I've found that most of the QIHC questions are complex analysis and 
problem solving type questions.  It's not enough to know that facts, you 
must understand how to use the info you have.  Since you have been doing 
hand-staining and troubleshooting, I expect you will have a good handle 
on that stuff.  I recommend that you get the DAKO "Immunohistochemical 
Staining Methods Educational Guide" and "Educational Guide to Demasking 
Antigens"  (both are free from DAKO, just call them!) and review those.  
The Dako books provide the most concise, complete info you can find.  
Review the basic immunology stuff for a refresher.  Pay attention to all 
the various systems for IHC.  Pay extra attention to antigen retrieval, 
there are quite a few questions relating to that.  Also, understand how 
to do the calculations for dilutions and titrations.  You can expect a 
couple oddball questions about IHC on cytology preps and frozen sections.

Good Luck!

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Hey ya'll.  I have been doing IHC for 10 years or so now.  Do you think The QIHC exam would be much of a challenge if I went and tried to do it without much studying.  I have never used automation to do IHC and have always had to troubleshoot my by hand stains myself.  If you do think something would be worth going over what would you suggest?

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