[Histonet] Re: Histonet Digest, Vol 99, Issue 11

Praveen Arany praveenarany <@t> gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 13:35:08 CST 2012

Hi Lucie,
We use both rack systems in our Revcos but find the front sliding access 
are really useful and has significantly increased our freezer box 
organization....no sliding-sticking problems.
My only issue is these racks come in a huge frame that occupies the 
complete shelf space.....leaving no space for non-boxed stuff (bottles, 
specimen bags, etc). So, we have dedicated two shelves to these front 
sliding racks and other two have the side racks and oddball stuff.
Hope this helps.

Praveen Arany,
HSEAS, Cambridge.

On 2/9/2012 1:03 PM, histonet-request <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu wrote:
> Hi all,
> We're going to be purchasing a Revco UxF -86 C upright freezer soon and
> we'd like to fill it with 2" box racks. Revco offers 2 options: the
> standard side-access racks and sliding drawer racks. The idea of the
> sliding drawer racks sounds great (you don't have to pull the entire rack
> out of the freezer, just a drawer), but I'm wondering if, in practice,
> they're not as great as they sound. I imagine they could freeze up, be hard
> to slide, etc. I have yet to find any reviews regarding the racks online,
> so I thought I'd come to you guys. Does anyone use the sliding drawer racks
> and have an opinion about them? Should we just stick with the tried and
> true side-access racks?
> Thanks for your input!
> Lucie
> Lucie Guernsey
> UC San Diego
> lguernsey <@t> ucsd.edu

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