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Thu Feb 2 08:31:04 CST 2012

We have been performing C4d IHC on FFPE kidney for a couple of years. We
receive only fixed samples.
Yesterday my doctors came with this idea of IF - I still have to ask for the
special reasons. But I have the suspicion, that they are not aware of the
fact, that IF on frozen unfixed tissue is the usual way found in literature.

There are some articles that deal with comparison of IF(frozen) and
IHC(ffpe). The results are usually an equal outcome. IF(frozen) shows
additional staining in glomeruli.

Perhaps someone told them, that IF is the golden standard and recommended.


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Hi Gudrun:

Is there reason why you want to use IF and not immunoperoxidase?


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Can someone provide me a immunofluorescence protocol for C4d on formalin
fixed human paraffin sections?


thanks in advance


Gudrun Lang

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