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   i  agree  with Liz,  the  fat  in  the  skin requires a little   processing  than  other soft tissues especially human, animals d   have  as  much  fat  and should be processed on a shorter schedule to   keep them from becoming too hard and dehydrated.




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   In  my per   know  that skin b   longer  processing  cycle   minutes  to  1 hour per station for    cut just fine.
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   Importan   Would  you  experienced  histotechs mind to look at this progr   see  if it would cause skin biopsies to be poorly processed? I think    too much time in alcohols.
   The pathologists say they look bad.
   Thanks   Station Solution Time Temp P/V Mix
   ---   1 Formalin 0:20 OFF   2 Formalin 0:20 OFF P/V Slow
   3 70% Alcohol 0:15 OFF P/V Slo   4 80% Alcohol 0:15 OFF P/V Slow
   5 95% Alcohol 0:15 OFF P/V Slow
      7 100% Alcohol 0:25 OFF P/V Slow
   8 10   9 Xylene 0:35 OFF P/V Slow
   10 Xylene 0:3   11 Paraffin 0:15 63C. P/V Slow
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