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Sun Nov 6 14:42:02 CST 2011

Corrie Vernick writes:

>>I am currently a histology student at Keiser University. I am doing a project for my routine staining class about Celestine Blue. I've been able to find information on why it was created, the chemical make up, and some of it's uses including the trichrome stain. I am having trouble finding images of slides stained with Celestine Blue. Any additional information about the uses would be helpful as well! Thank you, Corrinne Vernick, Keiser University FL U.S.A.<<

I don't have access to my library this week, but you can get a good
bit information by Googling celestin blue B. This dye was often used
as a sort of backup or substitute for hematoxylin, particularly in the
old outmoded Pearse stain for pituitary cells. R.D. Lillie as I
remember didn't think much of the dye, and I don't think this dye is a
very good topic for a study such as the one you describe.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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