[Histonet] Formic Acid Recipe

Jesus Hernandez jesus.w.hdz <@t> gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 16:41:20 CDT 2011

Dear all,

I was having trouble staining Human embryonic palatal mesenchymal cells with multi-stain solution. My PI told me to use formic acid on the samples so that it could increase the permeability of the methyl methacrylate. I am not sure if this is enough information, but the cells were loaded on hydroxyapatite scaffolds. I have also tried aniline blue and villaneuva stain. Any information on how I can make a solution of formic acid is appreciated along with maybe other stains I could try using. Each sample was grinded to about 50 microns. Thank you.

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 Jesus W. Hernandez
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Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Texas at San Antonio
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