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Fri Nov 4 16:24:18 CDT 2011

I agree that the time may be too short. I would suggest removing the 80% alcohol station and adding another 100%, with the time of 25 minutes. If you have a VIP tissue processor, you may also want to change the mix to "fast", with such short times in the stations, the processor does not have any time to do a pump in and pump out when set on "slow". If set on fast,  you should get at least one mix per station. This is helpful because it breaks any surface tension created around the tissue pieces and will allow for better penetration of the solutions. I would also suggest to put the heat on the paraffins to 58 C. Too much exposure to heat can cause poor, hazy staining. If you have had this program set for awhile, and had good luck before, but now are having issues, than you need to look into the quality of the solutions on the processor. And make sure the processor is set up correctly..meaning the correct solution is in the correct station. It can happen that someone set up the solut
ions incorrectly, since we are all only human and mistakes happen.

good luck

AmySue Ruppert,HT(ASCP) MB(ASCP)
Marshfield Labs, Histology Lab

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