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Are you using the rab abs on human samples or another species?  For most
purposes serum free protein block should be all you need.  If you were using
rab ab on rabbits I would recommend the FC block from Innogenex, you can
also get a anti rab link that is Fab2 and perhaps absorbed to the species
you are working with.  Southern Biotech sells really good secondary link
reagents, u can get it hrp, ap, fitc, or unlabeled and then match up the
detection to the animal the link is made in.  are you using a avidin/biotin
detection system?  If you are there may be endogenous biotin which can be


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Have you tried the Dako Rabbit envision?  We also tried the AbCam Expose
Rabbit specific HRP and used Nova red from Vector  or the DAB in the kit
depending on which antibody we used.  It is excellent , maybe even a little
better than Dako's envision.  I did have to use blocks such as FC receptor
block Innovex, Powerblock Biogenex and serum free protein block DAKO.  What
I used depended on the antibody with some needing only the block provided in
the kit.  Good Luck.

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So I haven't had to deal with rabbit polyclonal primaries in a long time
because I remember how much the background sucks with them.
Unfortunately the only available antibody is a rabbit polyclonal.  Does
anyone have any suggestions for how to eliminate the background?  I have
diluted almost to the point of the antigens not showing!  Thanks guys
and gals!!


Sarah Goebel, BA, HT(ASCP)


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Do you know for sure that its the Ab and not endogenous biotin,
peroxidase or Phosphatase?  You can block for all those.

Otherwise there are a number of commercial blocking agents on the
market...try Biocare for a start (800)799-9499 or better yet, the
company that makes your antibody.

Good luck. 

Linda A. Sebree
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
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