[Histonet] Processing Specimens by CPTs

Marcia Fisher mfisher <@t> ecrmc.org
Thu Mar 3 16:26:37 CST 2011

Do CPTs (phlebotomist) do any type of specimen processing at your
facility?  Specifically, if a cytology specimen, for example, one liter
of pleural is received in the lab and there are multiple orders for the
specimen (cultures, cell count, perhaps a test that has to be sent out,
etc), who describes (hazy, opaque, mucoid, etc), splits and aliquots the
specimen?   CLS, CPT, Histotechs, Cytotechs?   We do not have
cytologists at our facility at this time but we do a fair amount of
non-GYN cytologies.  And if anyone knows an answer to this....are CPTs
qualified under laboratory regulations, particularly California, to do
this type of work?   Thanking you in advance.


M. Fisher

Histology Supervisor/Lab Safety Officer

El Centro Regional Medical Center

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