[Histonet] Need to compare prices

Michelle MacVeigh-Aloni macveigh <@t> usc.edu
Thu Mar 3 16:23:50 CST 2011

Hi all,


We do Histology and Immunology primarily on liver tissue and only for

I need to check the prices of other cores and present numbers for comparison
as soon as possible.


I remember that some time ago there was a question about prices for
Histology in a research environment. Most of the responses, however, must
have been directed to a personal mail.


I would be very thankful if the person who did this research (already) gets
in touch with me ( macveigh <@t> usc.edu or 323 442-1188). 

At the same time, I would appreciate very much all the information that
anyone of you can share with me. You can just scan and e-mail your
pricelists if this is easier, and please mention the city and state of your

If you would rather fax it, please write back and I will give you our fax


Have a nice day and thank you ahead of time

Michelle Aloni


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