[Histonet] How many tissues an histo tech is suppose to cut per hour?

Jay Lundgren jaylundgren <@t> gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 13:35:24 CST 2011

  30 blocks/hour, including rough cutting, is the standard.  That's
supposing a few (5-10) levels, specials, etc.
If I am cutting all big tissue, what I've heard called "onesies" (just one
slide each), I can  cut 60 blocks/hour.
If one is cutting a tray full of persnickety prostate (with 6 levels on one
slide), renal, and bone marrow bxs with tons of specials and immunos, well,
that is going to slow you down.

  Anyway, I disagree with those who say speed isn't as important as quality,
patience, etc.  I think new histotechs should have someone with a stopwatch
and a clipboard standing behind them while they're cutting, yelling "Faster,
faster!!!!" in their ear.  If anyone cannot measure up to a strict quota
they should be immediately dismissed.  We have such a disgusting oversupply
of new Histotechnology students as it is. ;)

                                                            Jay A. Lundgren

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