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Hi Akemi,
we don't do Oil Red O, but the Sudan III in an aceton-ethanol mixture. To
prevent the precipitates on the slide, we stain in a plastic coplin jar with
a screwed tap. The dye-precipitates accumulate on the ground. We take care
not to mix them up while putting in the slide. So we need no filtering
before staining. We only stain frozens of lung without fixation.

I don’t know the formula of Oil Red O solution, but perhaps it can be
handled like the sudan III.


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Happy hump day!

Does anyone have a good procedure for Oil Red O for FS on Muscle.   
The  procedure the lab I am working with is having a great deal of  
problems with their muscle biopsy panel.  I am trouble-shooting some  
of the issues for the 1-Step Trichrome 3.4 pH, NADH, AT Pase,  I am  
working with them with pH issues.

The Oil Red O is very problematic.  They are mixing before use and  
filtering with 42 Watman paper, but there is a lot of residual  
background on the slides.  Also, they were not fixing the sections  
with 37% formaldehyde, even though the procedure calls for it.  Could  
you share who you get the stain from also.  Your assistance is  
greatly appreciated.


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