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     Please don't! Microwaves are horrible for HIER. For retrieval purposes,
you need to get the buffer temperature up to a point and keep it there for a
length of time without the solution boiling over and leaving you with
unhappy dry sections. Microwaves heat unevenly really fast then boil over.
The solution to this is to nuke it then cool it then nuke it again repeating
until you figure it is done. Lab grade microwaves do the same thing under a
bit tighter control. This results in a wave of temperature fluctuation which
is anything but standardizable (if that's a word).
     You would be much better off getting a vegetable steamer on the cheap
side, or a standard laboratory waterbath on the expensive side. These both
can allow a direct monitoring of temperature throughout the retrieval
process. Pressure cookers are viable options as they don't allow the buffers
to boil over. Biocare Medical has a decent one as well as temperature strips
that allow you to know if the temperature got to a certain point and didn't
exceed another. Honestly with all CAP's nonsensical prattle about
standardisation in labs I can't understand how they allow these
monstrosities in modern medical care.

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Dear Histonetters
We are about to purchase a new microwave oven in our lab for HIER of FFPE
tissue. Do you have any recommendations? I'm only aware of EMS that sells an
oven with temperature control. Any suggestions are welcome

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