[Histonet] Hirschsprungs disease? Try Calretinin!

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Thu Jan 13 12:24:34 CST 2011

Someone who did not give their name enquired about "Fetal choline esterase" for Hirschsprungs disease on formalin fixed tissue.(That word was probably "Acetyl).  We used to use the old acetyl thiocholine esterase on frozen sections but switched a couple of years ago to calretinin histochemistry on routine FFPE sections. It works! We also do H&E levels as well.

The reference is: Guinard-Samuel, V: Borrard, Arnaud:De Lagausie, Pascual et al. "Calretinin immunohistochemistry: a simple and efficient tool to diagnose Hirschsprungs  disease" Modern Pathology 22: 1379-1384. 2009

Hope this help

Michael Titford

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