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You are absolutely right!  We do all of our ISH as overnight runs to avoid
the problem of space constraint with the detection kits, etc.  I agree that
all of the instruments have their good and bad points, and it really depends
on the lab and what kind of specimens/volume you have.


Didn't mean to offend anyone.  I REALLY was just trying to help and give my
opinion based on my own personal use.





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In regards to the Ventana Ultra - if you are running PIN-4 or ISH
simultaneously on this instrument, the kits/ab's/probes  they require take
up a lot of space on the reagent carousel which limits the number of
antibodies you can put on and as runs can go some where around 6-hours you
could find yourself limited in what you can run without careful planning.


I'm a long time user and believer in Ventana, but BondMax and Intellipath do
have my loyalties as well.  It depends on the needs of your lab (volume/work
flow, available lab space and antibody library size), the staffing you have
available and their abilities with IHC/ISH.  I've done this before and the
only way to really know if an instrument will work in your lab is to demo
them and connect with other users of the instrument.








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The Bond does do ISH. In fact it utilizes the same detection kit so you have
only to buy the probes, not the additional detection kit that could
(depending on your volume of ISH requests) expire.

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We used to use the Dako stainer, and we still have it as a back-up if
necessary, but we have recently (in the last year) bought a Ventana Ultra.
You can put 30 slides at a time on it, but you do not have to batch the
slides.  It is a continuous feed machine, which means that as soon as a
slide is done, you can take it off and run something else.  You do not have
to have all of the slides from a case together side by side.  It is bar-code
driven and will find the slides no matter where you put them.  Each slide
drawer runs independently of the others.  Ours has been wonderful.  The
technical assistance is fantastic also.  They will help you to initially
work up all of your antibodies.  You can use theirs, or you can use third
party antibodies and place them in a prep-kit.  You can also use RTU or
concentrates.  It's really up to you.  I would highly recommend it if you
have a large volume.  We demo'd the Biocare Intellipath also.  I liked the
machine, but it was really just a step up from the Dako.  Leica has the Bond
instruments, which a lot of people like, but for us, it didn't work because
we wanted to be able to do ISH.  Also, the Leica limits you to drawers of
ten slides.  So when you load a drawer, with 1 slide or 10, you can't use it
again until that run is finished.  Hope this helps.  If you have any
questions, you can contact me.
Have a great day!


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Hi Histonetters

I currently use a Dako stainer for my IHC staining. It is a work horse with
very little problems. It is a older model that we may need to replace in the
near future. What is everyone using out in histoland. I would be perfectly
willing to purchase another Dako but I want to explore all avenues before
making a decision. What are the pros and cons of the instruments any of you
are using. How often is the machine down? What is the capacity? We run the
Dako twice daily usually to the capacity of 48 slides. I would like to hear
only from actual user of the instrumentation, no vendors please. This is
only a fact finding e-mail. Thanks in advance for all your input.


Cindy Pyse, CLT, HT (ASCP)

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X-Cell Laboratories


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