[Histonet] Question from LIS vendor

William Shipley william <@t> schuylerhouse.com
Thu Feb 24 22:26:33 CST 2011

Hi, guys, I represent an LIS vendor in the clinical environment.  We have a 
number of customers doing histology on our system, although it's primarily 
clinical in design.  As we keep getting nudged in this direction, I've 
signed on to sort of 'soak up' the background.  I've learned more about 
stains than I knew was possible already!

One of our largest customers is in Malaysia and is doing a rather large 
amount of histology reports in addition to chemistry and hematology.  During 
an inspection, an issue came up that we are trying to learn about.  They 
took exception to the ability to alter a histology report once it had been 
'finaled'.  We've been told that it was unacceptable to even correct 
spelling errors and that any subsequent reporting had to be a separate 
report referring to the original.

Is that practice in the US?  I would have expected to have heard about it 
before.  Can someone help me out?

William Shipley
Schuyler House 

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