[Histonet] RRAS

sgoebel <@t> mirnarx.com sgoebel <@t> mirnarx.com
Wed Feb 23 14:01:48 CST 2011

So...trying to find someone who sells RRAS antibody that isn't Abcam.  I
can't seem to make the Abcam antibody work and I have been asked to try
and get it from a different company.


2.  Does anyone have any experience with RRAS?  I have tried dilutions
from 1:500 all the way up to 1:2000.  I keep getting a blush endogenous
stain that I can't seem to get out even after blocking for everything
under the sun.  I am using a normal pH antigen retrieval (DAKO).  Should
I try high pH?  I don't know if that will make the positive staining
come out, I think it will make it worse?


Thanks histo-hotties!!


Sarah Goebel, BA, HT(ASCP)


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