[Histonet] Drosophila Sectioning

Gil Sharon gilsharo <@t> post.tau.ac.il
Thu Feb 17 08:46:04 CST 2011

Hi All, 


As a microbial ecologist, working with drosophila, I'm looking for a couple
of protocols (or papers) for fixation and paraffin-embedding of embryos, 3rd
instar larvae, pupae and adult D. melanogaster (these sections will later be
used for fluresecnt-in-situ-hybridization probing for specific bacteria).
Looking in the literature, I could only find protocols for embryos (or fly
heads). As I'm really new to histology, I hope someone here will be able to
help me with this. I have the help of a histo lab here, but they're working
on mice, so no experience with drosophila (or insects at all). 


Thanks in advance, 



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