[Histonet] processing histogel

Luciana Bastos luciana.bastos <@t> hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 07:06:19 CST 2011

We are working with cell culture embedded into three dimensional (3D) of collagen gel type I.  The samples were fixed in 10% formalin for 24 h. Even after fixation, the gel used in our preparation was too soft to be embedded directly in paraffin. To circumvent this problem, we wold like to dehydrated and embedded the samples in Histogel (Perk Scientific Inc., Devon, PA, USA).11 V.M. Freitas and R.G. Jaeger, The effect of laminin and its peptide SIKVAV on a human salivary gland adenoid cystic carcinoma cell line, Virchows Arch 441 (6) (2002), pp. 569–576. Full Text via CrossRef | View Record in Scopus | Cited By in Scopus (12)11  However, we need some help to how dehydrated the collagen gel and the histogel (solutions, concetration, time, ect.) toparaffin-embedded and stained by haematoxylin–eosin (H&E).
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