[Histonet] Cheap slide scanner for rat brains?

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The older models of the Nikon scanner for kodachromes had an attachment that would scan glass slides, I'm not sure about the new ones but we had one back in the late 90's early 2000's that would hold a slide and we could scan that.  You could also take some low mag images on a microscope with a camera and them merge the images in adobe elements.  It will work but the method can be a bit crude and you have to watch your illumination through the entire process.  I have even used a regular digital camera and taken images of the glass slide, that worked too.


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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have a good way to get low magnification images from slides? I
have some DAB stained rat coronal sections that I would like to digitize.
Basically, I want to have a picture of the entire section. It doesn¹t have
to be high resolution, just enough to make out the basic structures. Can
someone recommend a way to do this? I¹ve used a flat bed scanner in the
past, and I know some folks use an actual film slide scanner. What I¹m
interested in are tips for finding a solution, particularly what to avoid,
and model numbers that people have used. I don¹t want to keep buying
scanners until I found one that works.

And obviously I¹d like to keep the expenses to a minimum.

Finally, has anyone tried this scanner? It¹s a little pricey for me, but I
do like the idea behind it, although I wonder if it¹s just one of their
stock scanners that they have repainted, added an adapter and jacked up the
price for. It looks identical to other scanners that they sell for $300.



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