[Histonet] Cheap slide scanner for rat brains?

Caroline Bass cbass <@t> wfubmc.edu
Fri Oct 22 12:50:09 CDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have a good way to get low magnification images from slides? I
have some DAB stained rat coronal sections that I would like to digitize.
Basically, I want to have a picture of the entire section. It doesn¹t have
to be high resolution, just enough to make out the basic structures. Can
someone recommend a way to do this? I¹ve used a flat bed scanner in the
past, and I know some folks use an actual film slide scanner. What I¹m
interested in are tips for finding a solution, particularly what to avoid,
and model numbers that people have used. I don¹t want to keep buying
scanners until I found one that works.

And obviously I¹d like to keep the expenses to a minimum.

Finally, has anyone tried this scanner? It¹s a little pricey for me, but I
do like the idea behind it, although I wonder if it¹s just one of their
stock scanners that they have repainted, added an adapter and jacked up the
price for. It looks identical to other scanners that they sell for $300.




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