[Histonet] AChE fiber staining protocoll?

szigcs <@t> bio.u-szeged.hu szigcs <@t> bio.u-szeged.hu
Wed Oct 6 02:33:47 CDT 2010

Dear Histonet Members!

We are going to investigate AChE fiber density changes in the cortex  
of transcardially perfused rat brain slices (30 micrometer, criostat  
sections, perfusing solution: 4% formaldehyde in PB ph 7.4). We need a  
protocoll to visualize FINE fiber structure to be able to count changes.

We  used modification of Hedreen and original Tago protocoll. Hedreen  
good results for general, but no fiber staining, Tago no sucsses.

Could you please tell us some advise, protocolls functioning on teh  
above mentioned objects?

Thank you all in advance...
Csaba Szigeti

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