[Histonet] CD20 for IHC on mouse FFPE tissue

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Fri Nov 26 15:57:32 CST 2010

Thanks Brett,
	Looks like I got a couple lines crossed there. I had been told that there 
wasn't any CD20 in mice. I have been using B220 for BCell detection. After you 
pointed out the error I looked it up at Biocompare and clearly there are some 
CD20 markers for mice. http://tinyurl.com/38wyh42
	I was also apparently wrong about BD being a Thermo company.  Thanks 
Peter. They do distribute it, but don't own it. My mistake ... again :-) With 
those goofs I'll shut up now and blame the turkey

Enjoy your weekend guys,

On Friday 26 November 2010 04:08:06 pm koellingr <@t> comcast.net wrote:
> Hello,
> Maybe I'm remembering wrong since I deleted the original message of Bretts
> looking for murine CD20 on mouse FFPE (hopefully rabbit origin?). If so
> anti-murine CD20 that can be made to work on mouse  FFPE tissues certainly
> exist. Have used them from BD (flow reagent), Santa Cruz and others.  In
> Biocompare website, can see them plus new rabbit monoclonal anti-murine
> CD20 for paraffin, reactive to murine tissues.  There are a few CD20+
> murine B-cells that have no B220, and vice-versa so I would'nt look for
> CD45R if I wanted to find CD20+ cells. Would look for CD20+ cells. Maybe
> I'm remembering original post incorrectly.
> Ray
> Ray Koelling
> PhenoPath Labs
> Seattle, WA
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> Subject: [Histonet] CD20 for IHC on  mouse FFPE tissue
> Hi Brett,
>         CD20 is not going to work for mouse tissue. You need CD45R (clone
> B220). This will selectively label B cells just like CD20 in humans. I get
> this from BD Biosciences (Now Thermo ... again) Catalog # 347460. It is
> raised in Rats and works great as long as you have a good rat secondary.
> The one from Jackson is good.
> Happy Thanksgiving,
> Amos
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