[Histonet] CD20 for IHC on mouse FFPE tissue

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Maybe I'm remembering wrong since I deleted the original message of Bretts looking for murine CD20 on mouse FFPE (hopefully rabbit origin?). If so anti-murine CD20 that can be made to work on mouse  FFPE tissues certainly exist. Have used them from BD (flow reagent), Santa Cruz and others.  In Biocompare website, can see them plus new rabbit monoclonal anti-murine CD20 for paraffin, reactive to murine tissues.  There are a few CD20+ murine B-cells that have no B220, and vice-versa so I would'nt look for CD45R if I wanted to find CD20+ cells. Would look for CD20+ cells. Maybe I'm remembering original post incorrectly. 


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Hi Brett, 
        CD20 is not going to work for mouse tissue. You need CD45R (clone B220). This 
will selectively label B cells just like CD20 in humans. I get this from BD 
Biosciences (Now Thermo ... again) Catalog # 347460. It is raised in Rats and 
works great as long as you have a good rat secondary. The one from Jackson is 

Happy Thanksgiving, 

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