[Histonet] Just three months?????

Jeffrey Silverman pathmaster <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Mar 31 17:03:07 CDT 2010

CAP is now saying no more gross processing of small things that are  entirely submitted- it's all gross examination now whether we mean straining  currettings into a cassette or dissecting a complex cancer resection. Dumb as all get out if you ask me. 

As for the three month training thing, Joe, I'm not so sure about that. They seem to spell out specific amounts of college education required IN ADDITION to training in the laboratory. 
The requirement first spells out  two education choices-
 1: an earned associates degree in medical laboratory  science 

OR 2:Education/training equivalent to the above that includes at least 60 
 hours or equivalent from an accredited institution. This education 
MUST (caps mine)  include 24 semester hours of medical laboratory technology courses, OR 24
 semester hours of science courses that includes 6 semester hours of 
 6 semester hours of biology, and 12 semester hours of chemistry, 
 or medical laboratory technology in any combination.

So in addition to all the college courses, which we all know you need to count and measure six endoscopic biopsies and put them in a cassette, much more training and experience needed than what an unregistered on the job tech needs to orient and embed them properly LOL!!!    CLIA then requires  that the
 individual must have (additional)  laboratory training including either completion of 
 a clinical laboratory training program approved or accredited by 
the ABHES,  NAACLA, or other organization approved by HHS (note that 
this training may  be included in the 60 semester hours listed 
OR at least 3 months  documented laboratory training in each 
specialty in which the individual performs high complexity testing. 

Now there are grandfathering clauses in CLIA which may enable folks (like myself) to continue to gross. I haven't digested  that yet, but I'm ready to get that job in Pathmark if necessary. 

Sheesh, does it ever end? 

Jeff Silverman

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